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Re: [eclipse-dev] Search index defficiency

This could very be a consequence of the index issue. Search indexes are
quite central to the JDT/Core tools, and could affect search, type
hierarchies, code assist and code select.

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Actually, I think I hit this last night.  Auto-completion wasn't finding a
class it should've.  I was going to log it today once I had tried to
reproduce it.

If you don't think its the same I will log a bug report.


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In recent integration builds (starting from 20030218 on), we have changed
our index format which is causing your workspace to be reindexed
whenever indexes need to be read.

In theory this is all fine, however this found a bug in our code for
updating index in this scenario
which is going to be fixed in tonight's build.

In the meantime if you feel like indexes are not complete (open type
doesn't show you a type which it should), you can workaround by exiting
find the index files in the metadata, and discard them all. Restart
Eclipse, and activate the open-type dialog which will trigger proper
Index files are located in:
<workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core/  , you want to get rid
of all '*.index' files in the doubt + 'savedIndexNames.txt'.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it results from our improvements to avoid
checking index consistency during startup.

Actually, nobody has reported this but us... <g>

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