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Re: [eclipse-dev] Performance on Linux

I think if you look at the eclipse.tools newsgroup, you will find more 
discussion on this topic.

The SWT team is looking at performance of widgets on GTK.  We have made 
some improvements for RC1 but we are always open to additional 
information.  You could continue this discussion on the swt-dev mailing 
list or enter a bug report against Platform SWT with your findings (this 
later approach is quite useful because it provides better tracking).  Of 
course there are performance issues beyond the widgets which would need to 
be discussed with other teams.


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02/19/2003 10:21 AM
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I've scanned through the mail archives and can't find anything on this 
topic aside from a post back in 2001 that didn't get any resolution 
follow-up posts.

I'm trying to find where the performance bottleneck is for eclipse on 
Linux (RH8.0) using IBM's Java2-14 JVM and the GTK UI.  I have eclipse 
on a Windows machine and  performance is what I would expect; on Linux, 
however, it is _really_ slow.

So, my questions:

1.  What is the best eclipse mailing list for a discussion related to 
this topic?

2.  Is anyone working on performance enhancements on Linux GTK?  If so, 
do you need help?

3.  If not, can someone point me in the general direction of where to 
hunt?  My first assumption is that it is the GTK layer, but I suppose it 
could be the JVM on Linux, although I've always found IBM's JVM to be 
faster than any other JVM.

Any ideas?


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