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[ecf-dev] been offline

Hi Folks,

My ISP had some troubles and so my slewis at composent.com email has been offline for a while.ÂÂ My apologies about that.ÂÂ If anyone was trying to get a hold of me via email, I'm now back. :-)

Expect some thoughts about ECF additions and enhancements for Photon.ÂÂ I would be very happy to hear others thoughts on that as well.

FWIW, most of the new work on ECF Remote Services (e.g. distribution and discovery providers, etc) has been going on at ECF's github location [1] for some time now, and I expect that will continue.ÂÂ Most of ECF bundles at git.eclipse.org are mature and so not likely to be changed rapidly.ÂÂ They will of course be updated with bug fixes as needed, and new bundles can/will be added.

In other news, ECF's 3.13.8 release contents (two bundles updated) have been copied to maven central.ÂÂÂÂ Thanks to Mat Booth for doing this.