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Re: [ecf-dev] Issue adding custom serialization to ecf provider

Hi Scott,

I've opened, fixed, and closed bug:


This will be in ECF 3.13.6/Oxygen due this week.
Great! Thank you.

One thought:   Any chance to get a bundle or two...using kyro for serialization...contributed to ECF?  Perhaps via the github site [1].
Sure, i can do that.

Some points regarding that:

1) consuming kryo / target platform

i don't know a public p2 update site from where to consume kryo. i do use a package drone instance where i imported kryo from maven central (which triggers p2 metadata generation). how should one provide a target platform for such an example?

2) example or implementation

do you think of providing an example (or modify an existing example) or a general (plugin) implementation to use kryo serializer with "ecf generic provider"?

3) kryo classloading / osgi

currently the bundle in which the serializer implementation lives (of course) needs to know all classes that need to be serialized/deserialized. That means that bundle has some package-imports which are specific for that use case which are registered with Kryo.

For a more "general"/dropin solution there would be the problem to get a classloader that knows the domain  objects that the application uses for ecf/serialization. is there a classloader that knows "all" classes in the osgi runtime (ie. which are exported by some bundle)?

4) timeline

I 'll be away from next week on till the end of june - so that will need to wait until i'm back, but i'll put that on my todo list ;)

Best regards, peter!