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[ecf-dev] snapshot install test for 3.13.3

Hi Folks,

This evening I did an install test of the tycho snapshot build at [1] into Eclipse Neon.1a.ÂÂ It all went quite well...I was able to install all features, things were all signed and I did a smoke test of the remote timeservice example (with the java8 completablefuture).ÂÂ

One question I have for Matt:ÂÂ The top-level feature categories in the eclipse install manager look like this:

It might be better if the ECF Core Features and ECF Core Source Features were not displayed at the top level (leaving just ECF Remote Services SDK and ECF SDK for Eclipse only), as these features are already installed into Eclipse (since they are distributed as part of Equinox p2 in Eclipse). How would we go about removing these features from this top-level feature category? I don't think they should or even can be deleted from the repo itself, but only in the presentation in the top-level category. Is this possible? If not it's not a particularly big deal...it would just be simpler for people if they didn't have to decide whether or not to install these features...as they will always already be installed.

It's looking and working great though Mat. Thanks again for your work.


[1] http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/snapshot/site.p2

PNG image