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[ecf-dev] explicit discovery

Hi ECF folk,

I am trying to come up to speed with ECF for work on my project* and
evaluating its suitability. I am trying to have two Java (OSGi)
processes communicate simply. One of them hosts a simple OSGi service.
For now I am experimenting with the TimeService examples in the ECF
code. One of the key features of my consumer process is that it is a
short lived process that needs to interactive user realtime (i.e.
100ms to start JVM/OSGi, obtain service and call it).

My question is if the consumer already knows "where" the host service
is, how do I tell the consumer.

At the moment I am launching TimeServiceHost.generic.product and
TimeServiceConsumer.generic.product. As expected, there is a few
second delay on the consumer while it discovers the service. But if
the consumer knows the location of the host, I want to be able to
short circuit the time consuming discovery process.

I would be grateful to any pointers on where to start understanding
the discovery options and how to tailor them to my current use case.


* this project is different from the EASE + Py4J! Now that I am
getting familiar with ECF's use I am considering it for another

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.