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[ecf-dev] Neon aggregation build

Hi Folks,

I tried to update ECF's contribution to Neon to our latest release (3.13.1) and it resulted in a very strange build failure in the neon aggregation build...see [1]). The problem isn't apparently with any of our bundles, but the Apache Zookeeper 3.3.3 dependency that we get from Orbit and distribute in our repository.

The problem is not at all clear to me, since we've been using this Orbit bundle for several years, and we haven't made any substantial changes to our builder...wrt to this part of things...for > 8 months.

In any event, I just want to make clear that if we/David/others can't get this fixed in time for Neon that we will be forced to leave the Neon simultaneous release.

If you have any insight about what's going on with this, and/or have some bandwidth to help, please join and contribute to the effort via [1].


[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=492904