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[ecf-dev] GSoC 2016 - ECF Project Ideas

Dear All,

I am a fourth year undergraduate Âat Department of Computing and Information Systems, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka [1]. I am intending to participate in GSoC 2016 as a fresher.I would like to contribute myself to Eclipse ECF by following a project for GSoC. I have knowledge in Object oriented programming, Data Structures, Java Design patterns, Eclipse Plug-in Development and using version controls like Git.

I have some experience in Core Java therefor I have a advance knowledge with programming in Java also I have some experience with programming in C# and Python .I am interested in doing one of your Advanced Projects..

I went through project Ideas for eclipse foundation [2] for GSoC 2016 and I couldn't find any project ideas for ECF. Let me know if there are any new or existing project that I can continue for GSoC 2016.Â

I followed some of your old project that was done in GsoC 2015 that is for provide Tooling support for OSGI remote services. That looks like a quite interesting project and I would like to know the project status. I am willing to contribute to a project like that.Â

I was able extract more information about eclipse communication framework from ECF home page [3]. Could anyone state references so I can improve my knowledge about ECF. I kindly request to let me know of any available project ideas.Â


Best Regards,