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[ecf-dev] Neon Release

Hello Folks,

We are coming up (within about 5 weeks or so) a decision about whether ECF will participate in the Neon Simultaneous Release. I wanted to begin a public discussion about whether ECF can/will participate this year.

What I would like to do would be to have as our overarching themes two basic things:

1) Improving/Upgrading our Build/Continuous Integration/Releng System. There have been a number of consumer requests to distribute ECF Remote Services/RSA (in particular) as Maven repos, and perhaps even via Maven Central. Of course we already do this for our own bundles, but we currently can't do this for our Equinox dependencies (at minimum 4 bundles). We also would probably move to Java8-based builds, and deal with the inevitable complications. And then there is the usual work for the Simultaneous Release, assuming that we participate.

2) Updating our Existing Providers and Delivering Additional Providers. The Zookeeper discovery provider needs to be updated (I've already heard from consumers that are getting conflicts between our relatively old Zookeeper impl vs. more recent ones used by other libraries) [2]. We also have a number of new distribution providers available via our github site that would be nice to build and deploy [3]. Several of these (e.g. CXF, Jersey) have a fairly complex set of dependencies, and so that all has to be figured out.

I'm sure others would like to see other things, and I welcome suggestions and other thoughts.

However, it seems unlikely to me that I will personally be able to do all of the work associated with the above on my own dime/without support, and so that implies some amount of by-in/commitment from either existing ECF committers and/or contributors, or new committers and/or contributors.

So I would like to begin a public discussion on this. Are there other things that people have in mind for ECF? What commitments can existing committers/contributors make. Are there new folks that would like to get directly involved and become committers?


[2] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=378350
[3] https://wiki.eclipse.org/Distribution_Providers