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Re: [ecf-dev] remote services with karaf

Hi Folks,

To make the install and usage of ECF remote services easier on Karaf, I've been restructuring the Karaf features along with adding support for Karaf 4, which was recently released. I've also updated the Karaf install documentation:


If people have comments or other suggested changes/additions or fixes please let me know. My intention is to use these also for ECF 3.10.1 maintenance release, which is scheduled for August 17 [1].


[1] https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/rt.ecf 12:21 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Folks,

Some of you have probably been aware that for some time we have been creating features for install of remote services into Apache Karaf [1,2].

Increasingly, it seems that people are interested in using ECF remote services with Karaf [3]. Given the nature of remote services, this opens up lots of possibilities for developers...e.g. eclipse rcp consumers <-> karaf hosts, vice-versa, and karaf<->karaf remote services.

I've recently been working with Christian Schneider, who is one of the Karaf committers, to make it easier to learn about, try out, test, and use ECF remote services with Karaf. What we've done so far is to get things working on both Karaf3 and 4 (recently released), and created a few 'minimal' features that just install the generic provider, jmdns and OSGi Remote Services.

Christian has also created a new example 'tasklist' remote service that we can use as an example/for tutorials.

Here are the 'minimal' Karaf features currently (they are still in flux):

Karaf 4 on jdk1.7 [4]
Karaf 4 on jdk1.8 [5] <- this supports j8 CompletableFuture for ECF async proxies

Our intention is to start with these minimal karaf features, and add features for all other distribution and discovery providers, similar to how we have separate features for providers in our p2 repos.

I would like to do this work in July, and include it in ECF 3.10.1 in August along with greater/more examples, tutorials, etc on using ECF remote services with Karaf3 and 4.

It would be great if other ECF committers or contributors participated in this effort for 3.10.1. There are a number of things to do...e.g. create Karaf features for providers, test them, write tutorial, example, docs. Ultimately it would be nice to generate karaf features from our build (e.g. via Tycho).

Please contact me via email slewis at composent.com if you are able to participate in this over the next 5 weeks.



[1] https://wiki.eclipse.org/EIG:Install_into_Apache_Karaf
[2] https://wiki.eclipse.org/EIG:Install_Timeline_Example_into_Apache_Karaf
[3] http://karaf.apache.org/
[4] http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/3.10.0/site.p2/karaf4-min-features.xml
[5] http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/3.10.0/site.p2/karaf4-j8-min-features.xml
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