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[ecf-dev] Zoodiscovery reconnect issue

Hi guys,

In our client-server OSGI application we are using ECF Zoodiscovery provider (v.1.0.100) for remote services discovery. When testing the application resiliency, we noticed that when unplugging /plugging back the network cable, the client in some cases doesn't get back the remote OSGI services from the server.

I started debugging this use case and found out that in case of session timeout both Zookeeper itself and Zoodiscovery try reconnecting simultaneously. This results in a connect-disconnect-connect operation instead of just connect and an inconsistent client state â connection finally gets re-established, but the client doesnât ask the server for the remote services.

I think that Zoodiscovery should not trigger disconnect/connect in cases when Zookeeper does it on its own. But in this case we would need to somehow differentiate the disconnect events, which doesn't seem to be possible at the moment, since it comes from Zookeeper.

So, if anyone encountered this or similar issue or has any suggestions for a possible solution or work-around â Iâd appreciate your comments. I can provide references to the blocks of code if need be.