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Re: [ecf-dev] Remoting with ECF (with REST) in Eclipse RCP?

Hi Angelo,

<stuff deleted>
> I know your DS samples that I have studied to develop the ECF support. The
> thing I don't understand is that in your samples you don't set the base
> of the server in the client side?
> I would like customize that in my client side because server can be
> installed on localhost, on cloudbee with different port etc...

As Wim indicated, discovery is typically used to communicate the base URL
(known as endpoint in OSGi spec), from the registered host service and
consumers.  This discovery can be via some network protocol (zookeeper,
zeroconf, dnssd, slp), or it can be via the 'file-based discovery' that is
part of the OSGi specification.  This is known as the endpoint description
extender format (edef)


> I will study RESTLET too to see how I can use it with ECF as soon as I
> will
> finish my articles with CXF DOSGi.
> My need is that I wand export/import services with remote mode with the
> less code. My goal is to do the same thing than Spring Http Invoker
> http://static.springsource.org/spring/docs/2.5.x/reference/remoting.html#remoting-httpinvoker
> but with JAX-RS to consumes/publish JSON.

FWIW, Restlet supports JSON as well as JAX-RS.