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[ecf-dev] Remoting with ECF (with REST) in Eclipse RCP?

Hi Scott,

At first thanks to have posting message in my blog http://angelozerr.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/eclipse_spring_step0/
As you have read, I would like support Remoting on our Eclipse RCP/RAP with Spring DM and I have studied CXF DOSGi with REST and it works well.
An important thing is that our Eclipse RCP must support Fat Client/Client Serveur (Remoting). So I want just

* add remoting exporter bundle on server side (ex:with CXF DOSGi, I retrieve the services implementation and I expose the service with REST just with Spring configuration (none code)).
* add remoting importer bundle on client side. (ex: with CXF DOSGi, I retrieve the services with REST client and I register the service in the OSGi registry just with Spring configuration (none code)).

I have seen that ECF supports REST and you suggested me to use it. I'm OK, but do you think it's possible with ECF to manage my case?
With REST, I want add JAX-RS annotation in my interface services and do nothing with code (don't want code REST client/server service).

I don't know you will understand my explanation?

Regards Angelo