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Re: [ecf-dev] authentication and authorisation with ecf


If the connectHandlerPolicy is set, then it's checkConnect method is called (connectHandlerPolicy is of type IConnectHandlerPolicy...and the last parameter...'data'...is the value from the client of the 'connectData' that's returned from the connectPolicy.createConnectData call.

So to summarize, the IConnectInitiatorPolicy allows the determination of the client-side 'connectData' during the execution of the IContainer.connect(ID,IConnectContext) call. The 'connectData' value (e.g. password) is then sent to the server. On the server container the IConnectHandlerPolicy is consulted (with the 'data'=='connectData' provided) to determine if the connect request, should be accepted.
ok, thanks for your explanation. The Problem was, that i didn 't set the IConnectInitiatorPolicy. It's working now.
Is it possible to use JAAS for authentication? Or is there a best practise for server side authentication (is it secure to send username/password as a 'connectData' or should i encrypt the password manually?)

How does authorisation work?
I set the RemoteServiceCallPolicy (client side). But the method never get called... (setRemoteServiceCallPolicy(callPolicy) returned true)

The remote service call policy is called by the service host for the remote call when a call request has been received, but before it is actually made on the service host's local service object. So it's only going to be called on the host side (I say 'host' rather than 'server' because it's quite possible for a client to host a service...and in that case the remote service call policy.checkRemoteCall would still be called in on the service host...but it would be a client). So in other words, you need to set the remote service call policy on the container that has the service host (the server container in your situation, I believe).

When i return the authorization roles for the authenticated user on the checkConnect call, how can i access these roles on the RemoteServiceCallPolicy.checkRemoteCall? Is there a default service/impl?

Thanks for your help,


Hope this helps.


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