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Re: [ecf-dev] [Salvo] Importance of Bugzilla user Id for Salvo

Hi Isuru,

I want to take the Salvo GSoC technical discussions to the ECF developer mailing list so that all can see progress. Please join the ECF dev list if you have not already done so. You can still mail me and/or Harshana for private matters.

Isuru can you send a small introduction of you and the project to the list so that everybody is informed?



On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 8:07 PM, Wim Jongman <wim.jongman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

One another thing I noted is when we posted a article using Salvo, in the Eclipse forum always displays "Eclipse User" as the sender. But when I use Thunderbird, It shows the sender is "Isuru Udana" which is my bugzilla user account [1]. I used identical settings for both Salvo and Thunderbird. What can be the problem here ?

Strange, I will investigate.

Isuru Udana

Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University of Moratuwa

: http://mytecheye.blogspot.com/
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