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Re: [ecf-dev] What tag was used for the Eclipse 3.6.2 release?

ECF did not do a new build or contribution for 3.6.2, so it's

1) A CVS tag rather than git tag (as we moved to git in the fall)
2) The tag is/should be: v20100913-1814 (It was the same build done for Eclipse 3.3.1)

I would prefer that ECF 3.5 (to be final built/released next week...i.e. March 14, 2011) be used for any distributions...rather than the old version of ECF that went with Eclipse 3.6.2. Or at least ECF 3.4 (which was released in Nov 2010). From now on, the latest built version of ECF can always be accessed here:


Further, without contributions it now seems likely to me that ECF will withdraw from the Indigo simultaneous release and so be on a completely separate release schedule from the simultaneous release. This has not been decided, but from my chair we don't have sufficient committed resources to continue participating in the simultaneous release.


On 3/7/2011 8:07 AM, Chris Aniszczyk wrote:
Hey, we're trying to including ECF and the latest official Eclipse
release in Fedora.

I'm having a bit difficulty finding the tag that was used in the
release. Any hints?