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Re: [ecf-dev] SSH Access to git.eclipse.org

On 22 February 2011 02:10, Markus Alexander Kuppe <ecf-dev_eclipse.org@lemmster.de> wrote:
On 02/20/2011 07:32 PM, Harshana Eranga Martin wrote:
> Hi All,
> I tried to clone the ecf master from git.eclipse.org
> <http://git.eclipse.org> via SSH. But It asks for my git.eclipse.org
> <http://git.eclipse.org> password. But it does not accept my Eclipse.org
> password. So how can I get a branch with commit rights? Do I need a
> separate account to git.eclipse.org <http://git.eclipse.org>?

If it doesn't accept your regular eclipse.org password, something must
be wrong. I suggest you file a bug against Eclipse Foundation >
Community > Git and have the webmasters fix it.

Thanks for the info Markus. I will do it.Â

Thanks and Regards,
Harshana Martin

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