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Re: [ecf-dev] Smack lib update for XMPP provider ?

On 2/15/2011 11:38 AM, Björn Gustavs wrote:
<stuff deleted>

Independent of that: our plans to switch to ECF are on hold. After examining and analyzing the task it became clear, that we wouldn't get the advantages we planned by switching.

This clearly depends upon what advantages you were planning. From previous postings/interaction, I had interpreted the advantages to you as things like

a) integration with ECF APIs...e.g. presence API, datashare api, discovery api, remote services api, filetransfer api, sync api/cola, call api, OSGi remote services, etc;
b) the use of ECF providers...e.g. wave provider, irc providers, httpclient, sip providers, etc...as well as
c) the potential to more easily integrate with Eclipse tooling (e.g. via multirosterview, docshare app, others)...and perhaps
d) the introduction of some new frameworks/APIs into ECF from your application and
e) work with folks that have already done quite a lot in terms of real-time shared editing and operational transformation...in Eclipse/OSGi.

Are these advantages incorrect/inaccurate or not what was being expected? I guess Markus' previous request is best: would you elaborate?