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[ecf-dev] ECF 3.5 review and release tasks - PLEASE READ

Hi Harshana and all

Thanks for bringing this up. It's been my intention to detail the 3.5 review and release tasks...so that all of committers/contributors can work on them, but I previously haven't been able to.

First thing...I've created this bug [i] for us to use to coordinate work on the 3.5 release tasks (review materials creation, releng tasks, etc). In the bug summary I've put an initial list of tasks to complete for ECF 3.5. That list can be used, amended, or changed on the bug. I've included the bug summary information below.

First thing: Everyone that would like to either contribute to and/or consume ECF 3.5 please *join the bug [i]* and we can coordinate who does what via the bug (and this list and other communication channels of course). But the bug will keep a history that will be useful for coordination.

Thanks to all...with everyone's help we'll have a great ECF 3.5 release prior to EclipseCon 2011.

[i] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=337242


---- ECF 3.5 review and release task summary (copied from bug 337242) ---

For ECF 3.5 (pre-EclipseCon/~March 14 release), here is an initial list of the things that need to be done:

a) Create Eclipse Foundation Review Materials (hard deadline:Â March 2...going to Eclipse Foundation for scheduling review).ÂÂ See below for notes/details.
b) Create New and Noteworthy Page. Deadline: ~March 2
c) Fix remaining 3.5 bugs (as much as possible) targeted for 3.5 release [1].
d) Create a Release_3_5 branch, and associated new Hudson project to build (with jar signing)
e) Deal with Releng/Build issues as they arise
f) Submit updated IP log to EF (Deadline:Â March 2).Â

What I would suggest is that people that can work on parts of these
Notes/Details for each item below.

a) The template for these review materials already exists from previous ECF reviews in the ECF documentation CVS repo. ECF 3.4 review materials are here:

module:Â www/ecf
file:Â reviews/ECF_Project_3.4_Release_Review.ppt

A new set of powerpoint slides can be created from the 3.4 versions with the following major new plan features for 3.5:

Remote Service Admin [2] - Primary committer:Â Scott Lewis
XML-RPC [3] - Primary committer:Â Pavel Samolisov
Bug Fixes (Bugzilla query needed)

b) See review slides...the html New and Noteworthy should be the same major new plan features as appear in the review materials

c) The remaining 3.5 bugs need to be addressed and resolved individually. People should review the list and assign appropriate bugs to themselves

d) Whomever does the branch creation and Release_3_5 Hudson project creation will probably have to consult with Markus.

f) This should be easy to do given the IP log generator available here [4]

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?classification=RT;query_format=advanced;bug_status=NEW;bug_status=ASSIGNED;bug_status=REOPENED;target_milestone=3.5.0;product=ECF
[2] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=324215
[3] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=325813
[4] http://www.eclipse.org/projects/ip_log.php?projectid=rt.ecf

On 2/15/2011 10:31 AM, Harshana Eranga Martin wrote:
Hi All,

Since Sebastian and I, are currently available for the 3.5/3.6 release work, what are we going to do in the next couple of days/weeks? Please let us know the things to be done so that I, Sebastian and others can coordinate the tasks and get them done without any overlapping.Â

Thanks and Regards,

On 2 February 2011 22:26, Sebastian Schmidt <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Scott,

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 5:29 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ****Are those of you that consume the simultaneous release willing/able to
> help with the ECF releng involved so that we can participate in Indigo****.

I'd love to see ECF joining the release train and I'm willing to help
with these tasks. Perhaps we might split the tasks among the
volunteers at the next conference call and / or create a wiki page.
Just let me know if there're some tasks that should be done right now.


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Thanks and Regards,
Harshana Martin
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WSO2 Inc.
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