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Re: [ecf-dev] Remote service registration and discovery in an eclipse product

Hi Martin,

To help diagnose could you present the output if you launch with the OSGi console turned on (command line parameters -console -consoleLog set)...and in the OSGI console type 'ss'?

The reason I ask...it's possible for either of the providers that they are either not present or can't be started (e.g. because their dependencies aren't satisfied), and it would be useful to see the list of bundles present in your runtime...and their current state.

Also...are you using the OSGi remote services implementation? If so, have you verified that the two bundles org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.discovery and org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.distribution are included (and started)?


On 1/30/2011 8:04 AM, Martin Petzold wrote:
Am 30.01.2011 16:51, schrieb Martin Petzold:

I have a really strange problem. If i use my launch configuration in eclipse my remote service registration and discovery works fine. Now I have built a product from this launch configuration (all of the bundles are startet) and when I start it (Windows Vista, non-administrator User) remote service registration and discovering just doesn't do anything, also now error or exceptions.

Should I create the containers by hand?
Distribution provider is r-OSGi and discovery provider JmDNS.
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