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[ecf-dev] How can I tell if a text editor implements ITextEditor?

I read somewhere either in the forum or on this list someone mentioning that certain editors might not even be capable, and recall Mustafa mentioning an interface or two in his blog somewhere. What would be an easy way to check if an editor fulfills all the interfacing and extension requirements? I've tried everything I've managed to find regarding this and haven't had any luck, so I'm starting to wonder if its the editor and not me.

One thing I tried that was interesting was the plugin-spy, as it did not provide the same information for the Force.com editor as it had for the java editor:

Java - the same id in the menu contributions is referenced in docshare's plugin.xml:

The active editor class:
The contributing plug-in:
org.eclipse.jdt.ui (3.6.1.r361_v20100825-0800)
The active editor identifier:
The active menu contribution identifiers:

but for the editors in the ide I wan't to extend - Salesforce.com's Force development platform - it shows this:

The active editor class:
The contributing plug-in:
com.salesforce.ide.ui.editors (
The active editor identifier:

This makes me think my plugin.xml should reference something like "popup:com.salesforce.ide.ui.editors.apex"
but that doesn't work either.

I guess what I'm basically asking is if there's any way to check if these editors are implementing ITextEditor


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