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[ecf-dev] ECF releases

 Hi Folks,

I wanted to begin some planning for future ECF releases.

ECF 3.3.1/Helios maintenance release

Coming up first, we have ECF 3.3.1 (i.e. Helios maintenance release), which is due pretty soon now [1]. This build/release will be done using the Release_3_3 branch in the ECF repository, and using this Hudson project [2]. This release includes no new features (as per usual maintenance policy), but simply bug fixes for things reported since Helios release. If you have/know about important bugs that should be addressed for this maintenance release, please report them and fix them as soon as possoble.

ECF 3.4.0 - DNS-SD-based discovery

Once 3.3.1 is complete, I propose that we begin preparing for ECF 3.4, with a target release date of October 15, 2010. What will be new in this release? My expectation is that the major thing will be the dns-sd discovery provider done by Markus K for his google soc 2010 project...along with additional bug fixes and existing API enhancements. The dns-sd provider alone is enough to justify a minor release, IMHO. If there are other things that people would propose to be included in this release (3.4.0) I'm certainly open to them. Please say so if there are other things that you know of/have been working on that could be completed in time for 3.4.

ECF 3.5.0 - Wave provider

On last Monday's conference call [4], we discussed the work by Sebastian Schmidt on the ECF wave protocol provider [5]. This gsoc project turned out extremely well...and Sebastian is to be congratulated (kudos Sebastian). We now have a working wave protocol implementation as an ECF provider. As we discussed on the call, however, given everyone's schedules for September ECF 3.4 is probably too soon to expect the wave provider to make it into the ECF distribution...as there is some API review to be done, along with testing, and example applications.

I propose that we identify an ECF release 3.5 for late Jan/early Feb 2011, and target that release for inclusion of the wave provider...along with two (or more) applications that use the wave protocol provider for synchronization.

At the conference call, I asked Mustafa Isik (Sebastian's mentor for the wave provider project, and implementer of the ECF cola work) to write an email to this mailing list to solicit thoughts/ideas for compelling applications for the ECF wave provider. On the call we discussed several intriguing ideas...from synchronizing music composition/editing, to Equinox-web-server-based apps, to smart phone (iPhone/Android)-based apps that include/use wave's operational transformation. There are others as well that are interesting...e.g. integration of the wave provider with the Saros work.

So when Mustafa makes his post soliciting ideas on this mailing list, please comment with all your ideas of interesting/compelling applications for the wave provider (Eclipse, RCP, server-based, smart-phone, etc...or combinations of any of these).

ECF 3.6/Indigo Simultaneous release

Don't know what this should include in terms of new stuff. I would like to see lots more on remote services...e.g. rest and soap providers, server-side stuff for rest (e.g. integration with restlet work), remote services testing framework...other things. But all are welcome to propose new enhancements, or renewed focus on existing enhancements.

Ok, please let all know what you think by responding to this email publicly with your thoughts, ideas, etc.


[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Helios/Simultaneous_Release_Plan
[2] https://ecf2.osuosl.org/hudson/job/R-Release_3_3-sdk.feature
[3] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=310580
[4] http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF_Conference_Call_8.30.2010
[5] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=280347