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[ecf-dev] Re: [egit-dev] CVS PSF Access versus GIT for NON committers

Hi Henrik,

Thanks. That is an excellent opportunity to finally dig into buckminster. Would it be strange to suggest to packaging that buckminster should be included in the teaming feature?



On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 5:58 AM, Henrik Lindberg <henrik.lindberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In case you did not know...
Since Buckminster has git support, it is possible to use Buckminster instead of psf to get a bunch of projects from a bunch of different git repositories.
(Since psf files are also supported, a mixed setup can be processed as well).

I know this is not as convenient as using psf (as support is pre-installed), since a user must also install buckminster to make use of rmaps, and populate the workspace.
But maybe it is easier than the alternative while waiting for psf support for git.

On Aug 3, 2010, at 2:11 AM, Wim Jongman wrote:


When I stumbled upon the demise of ecf1 (which i knew but did not think it would impact me), i tried to think of a way that user can easily pull in example code and concluded that there is no easy way currently with git e.g. no PSF access [1].

1. The user needs to install git
2. The user needs to pull down the complete repository
   (goto 2 if the required bundles are scattered around git repositories)
3. The user needs to checkout the desired project into the workspace  

Although I am in favor of moving to git from a committer perspective, this gives reason for concern looking at non-committers and occ. users..

<few hours later>

With github I have managed to make an acceptable solution. The github site gives a an option to download all projects into a zip. Individual projects from the zip can then be checked out by using the import function. Still, psf support, if at all possible, would be very nice.



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