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Re: ECF non-EPL code moved to github (was Re: [ecf-dev] Move to GIT)

On 06/30/2010 01:59 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> I'm assuming that it's fairly easy to sync the new github repo with the
> CVS repo again...as I think that it's possible that some people will
> continue to use ecf1 for a while (and we won't want to lose those
> contributions if that is so).

Resyncing becomes next to impossible if we start writing to both repos.
Thus the CVS repo has been set to read only _without_ syncing it to the
new github repo.
If there are outstanding contributions, one will have to create a patch
against CVS HEAD and apply it to the new git repo.

> Also..Markus could you make recommendations about git clients...i.e.
> given the recent Helios release including the egit project?  (i.e. are
> things stable enough in Helios release of eGit, in your opinion, to
> favor that client?).  Is more than one client needed for most use cases
> at this point?  If so, could you name an attractive secondary client as
> well?  Basically, I guess I'm asking:  what are you (and others feel
> free to chime in) currently using/suggesting for git usage within
> Eclipse tooling for development on ECF?

I personally use a combination of egit/jgit 0.9 nightly and the Linux
command line client. This is mainly because I haven't explored all
functionality of egit yet. Keep in mind though, that we will have to
wait for egit 1.0 to be feature complete).

Also Pro Git [0] might be worth a read too.


[0] http://progit.org/ (epub version for free)