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Re: [ecf-dev] Fun with remote services part 1

Hi Scott, 

sure! The first problem I ran into was that (as you have explained recently) DS does not support providing authentication information. Due to that I had to create the ECF-IContainer instance programmatically. Afterwards I registered this instance as an OSGi service. Next, I've provided for the services I wanted to publish the following properties (the second one was a guess):
   <property name="service.exported.interfaces" type="String" value="*"/>
   <property name="service.exported.configs" type="String" value="ecf.xmpp.smack"/>

I did not provide the server URL as my IContainer was already connected so I didn't see any sense to do it here again. As soon as I started my application ECF threw an exception that there was a problem with a container. I did not know how to fix the problem. Unfortunately I can't reproduce the error because I've already changed my code. So the server side did not work so far.

I did not understand how I can connect to my XMPP server client-side using DS. As far as I understand again I would have to do this programmatically (create IContainer, register in the client side service registry) because of the authentication information. Next, in order to be able to use a remote service in my RCP application I didn't understand how I can retrieve the appropriate remote service. I've tried to do it the way you've shown me, just to ask the service registry for a service using DS. But I got a NP - well how should the registry know that I require a service instance running on a different machine? So this didn't work either.

And as you mentioned I started to read articles that were outdated and hence used an old API. Furthermore I've found some ECF/DS examples that only work in a local subnet but didn't find any example with ECF, DS and XMPP. 

Well now I'll wait for an article or tutorial that could help me. I don't think I'll solve my problems without on site guidance. 


Am Jun 15, 2010 um 18:55  schrieb Scott Lewis:

Hi Eugen,

Eugen Reiswich wrote:
Hi Scott,
thank you for such a detailed answer. Unfortunately after tree days of trying I realized that for my case (working with XMPP) ECF and DS won't work.

Care to explain your use case a little?
ECF's XMPP provider does work with remote services (I've recently been testing it in relation to bug [1], so I do know that it is working fine).


[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=316071

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