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Re: [ecf-dev] about.html in zookeeper

Hi Folks,

I've made this new contribution to Helios (thanks Markus and Wim), but unfortunately we have to do one more because of these:


I've added the relevant files to the relevant features on Release_3_3 and HEAD and have initiated another Release_3_3 build. Expect new Helios contribution in an hour or so.


Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 06/15/2010 09:46 AM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 06/15/2010 07:19 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Folks,

On this bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=316720 there
is an updated listing of the bundles/projects that are lacking an
about.html file:


Unfortunately, I didn't notice this previously, but one of the
bundles/projects still missing an about.html file is the apache
zookeeper bundle...which is contributed by ECF


I assume that this bundle uses the asl v2 license.  If the asl v2
license is correct for zookeeper (Wim/Ahmed?), an about.html and the
aslv20.txt should be added to this bundle (Release_3_3 branch as well as
HEAD) as soon as possible.  A model for how to structure the about.html
is available in the Jive bundle (org.jivesoftware.smack) located in this
module in cvs:


Note that once the about.html and aslv20.txt are added to the bundle,
they should also be added appropriately to the build.properties (both
the bin and source).
If others are unable to do this before Tuesday morning pacific time, I
will try to do it then....followed by a rebuild.
Done in https://bugs.eclipse.org/316857

Completed build RC4+1a to deal with this issue and made available for Helios contribution:

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Helios_Simultaneous_Release
[2] https://ecf2.osuosl.org/hudson/job/R-Release_3_3-sdk.feature/8/
[3] http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/3.3Test/helios/site.p2 (p2
repository url)
[4] R-Release_3_3-sdk_feature-8-2010_06_15
[5] v201006145-1040

I will leave the integration into Helios to Scott.

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