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[ecf-dev] HEAD now open for work on ECF 3.4

Hi Folks,

Markus K and I have created a branch named Release_3_3 for all relevant projects, and we now have a new Hudson build project (named R-Release_3_3-sdk.feature) that creates a release build off of this new Release_3_3 branch.

Consequently, HEAD is now open for new/continued work on ECF 3.4. If any other critical/stop-ship bugs are discovered/fixed before Helios they will be fixed on the Release_3_3 branch (and HEAD, of course) and subsequent builds for Helios (if any) will be done off of that branch.

Until after actual release day (June 23) please do not commit anything to Release_3_3 branch without discussion via this list.

Thanks Markus for releng work...and cooperation of everyone. 3.3/Helios is going to be a great release for ECF and community!