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Re: [ecf-dev] debug popup window in XMPP

Hi Roland,

I think this approach was intentional on the part of the person that implemented it (Remy I believe, but am not certain).

I think the thinking was that within Eclipse, it might be considered distracting to have the message view popup with every message receive (as this would take focus away from other things the user might be doing...e.g. editing, navigating through resources, etc).

I'm of the opinion that whether the message window pops up every time or not should probably be determined by a user preference/option...as some people (yourself) would prefer it to popup every time, while others would prefer the current behavior.

If you (and/or others) would like to implement popping up with every message, we could arrange to add such preference (assuming I have everything right above).

Any other comments from others?


Roland Matha wrote:
Hi Folks,
My question: whether it is also in your interest, that i try to fix the
following "bug":
When i receive a Message with XMPP only the first time appears a popup with the
message and not, how in many other IM, every time when I changed window.

Best regards,
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