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[ecf-dev] [Fwd: TweetHub Updates]

Forwarded from James with permission. Scott

From James Sugrue.  Originally sent Sat 7/19/2009.

Hi all

I did a bit of refactoring around TweetHub today, as I'd like to get it out to some people later this week
We've come a long way since the beginning - it's really taking shape. Take a spin of the latest if you get a chance.

What I did:
- Added view restoration in the TweetHub menu
- Added the preferences option to to menu (not populated yet)
- All views look the same now, including search.
- Search, Messages, Mentions are all populated and refreshed
- Tooltip for user information in Follower/Following View is better (includes image)

Here's what I think we need to get done before we can send this out. Feel free to add in your own opinions

- Add in preferences for the amount of API calls. Every view that gets populated = 1 call. And a Tweet is another call. We need a clever preferences page so that the user can balance this. I guess for this release it can be detailed.

- Add in the direct messages

- Populate the trends view.

- Show all Followers/Following rather than just 100

- Get more than just 15 search results.

- Add in buttons in the Message Composite to mark as favourite or to follow the user.

- Add in a View User link in the Follower/Following view so that we can open their Twitter page in a browser (to save API calls)

- Finally I need to contact Twitter to register TweetHub as a valid client. I plan to do that soon.

- Add a cool splash screen. I have an idea, I just need to get around to using Photoshop :-)

- I think we may need more detail in the Message composite (e.g. in reply to... )

- I'd like to add in Mylyn-type notifications as well as multiple user support, so that if I have two Twitter accounts I can have both open.. Maybe that needs to wait :)

Have a good weekend