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Re: [ecf-dev] Service Discovery

Hi Pierre,

What discovery mechanism (i.e. providers) are you using to publish it? There are currently three that are included with ECF 'automatically'...i.e. jslp, jmdns/zeroconf, as well as a 'composite' discovery container...which publishes/listens to both jslp and jmdns.

None of these (jslp/jmdns by *default* support wide area network discovery)...so I think the service you published would only be discovered on your lan. But you say the service discovery view is not finding it...correct? One thing to check...the service discovery view depends upon some fairly recent version of EMF being installed...do you have EMF installed?

Also, Markus can provide more input on turning on tracing, etc for the composite discovery (and the others)...to allow you to see the lower-level details.



Pierre Henry Perret wrote:

I have published a service with advertiser : '/serviceName=Pierre1240424185690'/',
but the service discovery view doesnt show it to me !?

Scott could you try discover it ?

It is up and running on my side.



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