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[ecf-dev] IChannel messages

Hi all,

Is every invocation to IChannel's sendMessage(ID, byte[]) supposed to
correspond to a single IChannelMessageEvent on the other end or can
the event contain "two" byte[] as one? I was testing my datashare
implementation and noticed that when messages were being sent very
fast (typing randomly) docshare would throw exceptions. Upon
inspection, I realized that there were more bytes left to be read
after deserialization so it seems that my code has read two messages
from the sender in one go so only one event has been fired. The
javadoc for getData() says "Get data associated with message. This
method returns the data actually included in the
IChannel.sendMessage()." but that doesn't seem to make it _explicitly
clear_ as to whether it's per invocation or an up-to-impl case.

Does that make sense? Thanks. :)