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[ecf-dev] Re: RT Shared Editing Call

Hi Mustafa
Thanks for putting together the notes, and for the call.

I'm looking forward to working out what atomic operations I'll need, and seeing how this fits in with what's available in ECF.

The other idea sounds really interesting too - sorry I wasn't able to hang on the call for that.


On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 18:53:08 +0100 "Mustafa Isik" <mustafa.isik@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is a short summary of our call from earlier today, see

James, Remy, Marcelo, Scott and I were on the call.

James outlined what their use case(s) for utilizing ECF shared editing
look like. They're apparently building an Eclipse-based IDE for a not
further specified language - from what I understood, probably something
along the lines of VHDL/hardware-descriptive.

The primary representation seems to be an abstract model, which can be
mapped to various textual and graphical representations.

Real-Time Shared Editing which supports modification of the graphical
model representation is their main interest.

From an ECF point of view, James' interest is very fortunate, since
we've been thinking about tackling the extension of shared editing
beyond the text domain and struggling with coming up with a suitable use

I've suggested that James watches the Cola Google Tech Talk from last
year [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfeUCT-tRJQ ], since in the case of
modification of graphical models, we will have to identify atomic
operations, conflicts and resolutions that are different from text
editing. The general resolution mechanism will remain similar.

The current plan is to follow up with another conference call, either
next week or the week after.

In the second part of the call, I've shared an idea about which Scott
and I had talked about during EclipseCon. I would love for us to explore
the feasibility of extending and integrating Workspace Resource Sharing
and DocShare.

The use case I have in mind would involve a user to share a project and
all initial resources with a remote user. All subsequent changes to the
project, such as the addition and removal of resources (e.g. new files
etc.) would be propagated to the respective remote site transparently.
As soon as two users open the same project file in an editor, this new
integrated project sharing feature would initialize a real-time shared
editing session for the file - also done transparently without prompting
a user.

Let's bounce this idea off of each other and brainstorm if this would be
something you'd like to see materialize in one form or another.

Feedback is *welcome* ;)