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Re: [ecf-dev] Java remoting protocol benchmarks

Sure you are right as usual :-)

As I said ".....We use Hessian 2.....". So yes we use Hessian 2, which has a compatibility mode for Hessian 1 (so it can talk to Hessian 1 clients).

But Hessian is the way to go for binary protocols I believe unless you like to use RMI (discontinued by Sun) and any of its variations. HTTP Invoker from Spring is also pretty fast and cool since it uses HTTP protocol and can go through HTTP firewalls. Still it requires every class to be marked as Serializable which I personally think is already too much to ask. Hessian has a check for that, which you can disable and we did.


Am 15.04.2009 um 19:48 schrieb Scott Lewis:

Hi Christian,

That's great to hear (that Hessian's fast), but by my reading it wasn't
really significantly faster than the other binary protocols...which is
sort of as I would expect (the binaries are all relatively fast compared
to the xml-based serialization).

Is Riena using Hessian 2 at this point, or 1?



Christian Campo wrote:
Hessian is indeed very fast. We use Hessian 2 in the Riena Remote
Service implementation just for that reason. Its also pretty small and

christian campo

Am 15.04.2009 um 17:05 schrieb Marcelo Mayworm:


I came across with this benchmark
it is interesting see about the Hessian project.

Any comments?

- Marcelo


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