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Re: [ecf-dev] Remote services with XMPP between Linux and Windows

Hi Guillaume,

Thanks for posting the application.

I have a couiple of other things going right now...still recovering/catching up from EclipseCon among a few others. Perhaps you and I could arrange to test out the code with Windows on my side and Linux on yours to reproduce in debuggers...sometime early next week? I will take a look at your previous posting and this code as soon as I can...at some point it may be useful to setup a test between you and me on the net, as I don't have constant access to Linux desktop machine. In any case, we'll figure out what's going wrong here for you and fix/work around as necessary.



Guillaume PRIN wrote:

To test my problem of compatibility of remote service over ECF/XMPP between
Windows and linux. Here is my test code :

Attached file : testBidule.tgz

This a RCP application based upon the RCP Mail Template. The client (1) is
started with 'Run 1', the client (2) is started with 'Run 2'. Output is written
in a SWT Text widget. The outputs of client (1) is preceded by '1 --->' and
the outputs of client (2) is preceded by '2 --->'. The remote service write
activities in the stdout.


Guillaume PRIN a écrit :

I'm working on remote service over ECF/XMPP with eclipse.
I encounter problems with interoperability between Windows and linux. My XMPP
server is Openfire 3.6.0 on a mandriva 2007 linux box.

I create a simple test case, here is the context :
 - a first client (1) connects to XMPP and sets up a
IRemoteServiceListener then wait.
 - a second client (2) connects to XMPP and registers a service for the
target (1), This service concatenates two strings parameters and return the
 - the client (1) then receives an event and call synchronously the
method on the interface.

When I run both the 2 clients on windows or both the 2 clients on linux,
(on the same machine or different machines) all works fine.

When I run client (1) on linux and client (2) on windows, I don't
receive the event from the IRemoteServiceListener listener, so the
service is not called.

When I run client (1) on windows and client (2) on linux, the event is
received, the method is executed but the result string does not arrive.
The request times out.

Does anyone has already encountered this problem?

Configuration : For the two OS, the java virtual machine are : java version "1.6.0_12" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_12-b04) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 11.2-b01, mixed mode, sharing)

The bundles for ECF are :
 org.eclipse.ecf : "1.4.0",
 org.eclipse.ecf.provider : "1.3.0",
 org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice : "2.0.0",
 org.eclipse.ecf.sharedobject : "1.3.0",
 org.eclipse.ecf.provider.xmpp : "2.0.100",
 org.eclipse.ecf.presence : "1.3.0"

The test machines are :
 - a Windows XP 5.1 SP3 box
 - a linux Mandriva 2007 box

I could post test the code if needed.


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