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[ecf-dev] GSoC ideas....Yahoo EPL'd implementation - possible issues....


I'm interested in the idea of implementing an EPL'ed version of the Yahoo protocol and an ECF provider for that.

For this task, I need to decipher/study the Yahoo protocol.

There are a few methods available for that.
1. Black-box testing - feeding inputs and observing outputs ( using an open source network protocol analyzer like Ethereal)
2. Reading online articles on yahoo protocol...  [ this is easy, but articles can be out of date ]
3. Referring to other implementations - reading documentation and/or code   [ however, all the current libraries are under GPL :(  ]
4. Assembly level debugging - using the official/third party yahoo client and observing the state.....

For the messenging part, black-box testing and online articles will be enough. But there are situations which can be handled easily by the other two methods..... like online articles not being upto date and difficulty of discovering possible encryption/challenge-response algorithms by using the black box testing [ this can be done, but can also be time consuming]....

I have a confusion on applicability of some of the above methods for this project.......about potential legal issues

I would like to know your ideas regarding those, since I'm not very well aware of some of the possible legal issues. That will help me greatly to come up with a plan to overcome the possible barriers.

You ideas will be much appreciated.