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[ecf-dev] Sharing Editor Selections

Hi Folks,

I've put some screen shots up here to describe using the existing example collab to share 'editor selections'.


What is intended by this is that participants can open an editor (text editor, java editor, manifest editor), select a piece of text (e.g. a class or method), and send a sharing event out to other group members that first opens the text file in the given editor, and then scrolls to and selects the selected text.

This is meant to support a use case of simple distributed code reviews...where the code is not being modified by participants, but rather just viewed, and people are jointly navigating through the code and directing participant's attention to various files and various parts of files (lines, methods, code blocks, etc).

This is a simple example, and *not* intended to deal with use cases around real-time shared editing (i.e. cola)...but it does allow a simple-but-common use case.