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Re: [ecf-dev] shared editing design thought


This work will probably encompass taking some of the roster information offline which is a good thing. If I have some spare cycles I would love to help.

I also noticed that ECF hasn't submitted anything to EclipseCon yet :)


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10/27/2007 06:07 PM


[ecf-dev] shared editing design thought

Hi Folks,

We at BEA have/will/are doing some work with using ECF to add real-time
shared editing to commercial and OS editors...i.e. text editors,
structured editors (e.g. java, other langs, xml, etc), graphical
editors, and the like.

I was thinking yesterday was that it is typically unnecessarily
difficult to setup a sharing/editing session.  It usually has to be
explicitly done by one or both participants prior to the actual shared
editing...and it's often error prone.

This is true also of the existing cola shared editor...the setup of the
shared editing session is kind of cumbersome.

I had one thought about how this could be easier...and I thought I would
throw it out to the mailing list:

Let's assume that user 'slewis' has a (e.g.) text editor open.  At a
certain point, they decide that they would like to initiate a shared
editing session with another party (e.g. 'codesurgeon').  At that point,
'slewis' has to initiate a shared editing session.

What if they simply opened the editor's context menu, and chose
'Share'->codesurgeon...and this initiated a shared editing session with
codesurgeon.  This begs the question, though...where does the
'Share'->codesurgeon menu come from?  My answer:  Using Eclipse's new
dynamic menu contribution mechanisms, it could be dynamically created
from the ECF Contacts/buddy list.  That is, when the user chose 'Share'
it could produce a menu hierarchy that corresponded to the entries in
the contacts list (whatever the active ones happened to be at that
moment)...allowing the initiator to choose the target user for the
shared editing session.  The Eclipse menu contribution mechanisms should
allow this (i.e. dynamic creation of hierarchical menus...plus the
ability to retarget actions), and ECF allows programmatic access to the
buddy list via IPresenceContainerAdapter.getRosterManager().   Further,
it would be possible to add such a thing in a new plugin (rather than
modifying the existing editor's code) to increase separation of concerns.

Any thoughts/comments about this approach?


Let's also

That is,  between...perhaps one way on how to setup a 'session for
shared editing' (between 2 participants is initial focus...2+ will
probably be for later).

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