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[ecf-dev] Planned Discovery UI contribution


along with our recent contributions (see 200791, 200803, 200804, 202036,
204423) we are planning to contribute a new implementation of a
discovery browser. The impl is going to be based on EMF and offers an EP
to extend the UI for specific service types.
Due to internal deadlines however, this contribution will probably take
some time to happen (months?). This post is just to let anybody know and
to show our willingness to join efforts if somebody is working on the same.

Markus Kuppe

Versant GmbH, European Headquarters
+49(40)60990-215, http://www.versant.com

(CET, UTC+2:00)

Versant GmbH is incorporated in Germany.
Company registration number: HRB 54723, Amtsgericht Hamburg.
Registered Office: Wiesenkamp 22b, 22359 Hamburg, Germany.
Geschaeftsfuehrer: Jochen Witte.