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[ecf-dev] COMMITTERS PLEASE READ: No conference call today

Hi Folks,

I (Scott) have been very occupied preparing/getting out ECF 1.1 and today is my daughter's first day at Kindergarten, so I have not had any time to prepare for an ECF conference call today at noon. My apologies...no meeting today.

The committer attendance for the ECF meetings has recently been very disappointing. I would like to propose that we discuss another day and time to find one that works for more people, and figure out a frequency of meeting that will allow as many people as possible to actually attend...at least occasionally.

So, my proposal (lacking any other proposals) is:

Every other Monday @ 12 noon pacific time.  Starting next monday (Sept 17).

I would ask that committers try to plan on attending at least every other call (1/2 hour every month). I will do my best to prepare for every meeting and make them as productive, efficient, and short as possible.