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[ecf-dev] ECF 1.1 available

Hi Folks,

ECF 1.1 now available at normal locations.  See below for links.

The New and Noteworthy is not done yet, so committers please send any additions to ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx i.e. if the placeholders that are there have missed something that you feel the N&N should include.

Particularly noteworthy was the work of Google SOC 2007 student Moritz Post on the Jingle VOIP protocol: http://wiki.eclipse.org/VoIP_via_the_ECF_Call_API_and_the_Jingle_Protocol

ECF was also the beneficiary of some great contributions for the Eclipse BugDay. Thanks to all who participated and the committers who supported/reviewed.

See also the ECF OSU Open Source Lab site...for significant additions for JMS-based communications: a new Websphere CE provider, as a new BEA Weblogic-based JMS provider, and a JGroups (reliable multicast) based provider. Along with JXTA, JGroups is a 'true' peer-to-peer provider. It's not done yet, but is working. Further, all of these new providers implement ECF datashare, the remote OSGI services API, and the ECF shared object API.



Download and Update Site info:  http://www.eclipse.org/ecf/downloads.php
New and Noteworthy: http://www.eclipse.org/ecf/NewAndNoteworthy.html
OSU OSL:  http://ecf1.osuosl.org
CVS tag for release:  v20070908-1720