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Re: [ecf-dev] Optionally Using ECF Functionality

Hi Ken,

Ken Gilmer wrote:

Hey Everyone ~

I'm speaking from a day-job context :). We are looking to incorporate some features of ECF into an upcoming open source product, and would like to use ECF "as is" (ie no custom UI). However due to compatibility issues with previous versions of Eclipse, we'd like this support to be optional. Does an extension point exist that we can utilize to optionally create an instance of an chat view?

No. BTW, do you mean a chat view as in the IM chat, or the example collab chat?

I'd prefer not to add ECF dependencies into our build system. It is complex enough already...

Understood...complex build systems seem to be the way of the plugin world.

But I'm not sure that even an ECF extension point would really help you with avoiding this, as if I'm reading you right you probably want to include ECF plugins/bundles in the version of you product targeted for Eclipse 3.3, but not for versions targeted for Eclipse 3.2 or earlier...is that right?

One thought is that if you are using PDE build you could easily have a map file that uses http to retrieve bundles via the ECF update site:


Or we could set up a web server on ecf1.osuosl.org to hold the built ECF features and plugins and your build could retrieve them from there.

And do you want to access the bundles at ecf1.osuosl.org as well (e.g. activemq jms, weblogic jms, jgroups, yahoo, skype providers?)


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