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Re: [ecf-dev] eclipse error on invocation with launcher on Dapper

It sounds like you end up with two different VMs depending on how you start Eclipse. My guess is that when using the launcher, you end up with GCJ instead of a VM from Sun, IBM, BEA, or Apache. To confirm this, have a look at the configuration details (Window > About Eclipse SDK > Configuration Details), look for properties like ' eclipse.vm' or 'java.vm.name'.


On 8/23/07, Ted Kubaska < ted.kubaska@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here's an interesting anomaly I'm seeing and curious if any other ecf devs see the same. I don't see it as a listed bug and am somewhat hesitant about submitting it because it seems strange that something so serious could still exist (so I think I may have misconfigured something). So I wanted to run it by this group first. But if I cannot resolve it soon I will submit it.

I run mostly on Linux and use both Suse 10.2 and Ubuntu Dapper (yes, Dapper is old, but it is still officially supported and Ubuntu intends to support its Dapper release longer than some of the newer releases).

On both Linux systems I run Eclipse v3.3.0 BuildId I20070625-1500.

On both Suse and Ubuntu, eclipse works fine when I invoke eclipse from the command line. On Suse it works fine when I invoke from a launcher. On Dapper, eclipse comes up when I use a launcher and mostly works but the welcome screen and online help do not work. And I get errors on invocation. By launcher I mean the Linux equivalent of a Windows shortcut.

What's curious is that it's the same eclipse executable in all instances. But when invoked via a launcher on Dapper I get errors. The error on invocation is
"Could not find a valid configuration for Intro Part: intro element" in extension: org.eclipse.ui.intro in Bundle: org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal. Check Error Log for details." However, the IDE still seems to work. I don't have a welcome screen and online Help is missing. This bad behavior does not reproduce on Suse 10.2.

The Error Log is large. Typical errors are  "Could not load Intro content file: file://home/ted/.eclipse/org.eclispe.platform_3.3.0_273716583/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/92/1/.cp/intro/whatsnewExtensionContent.xml"

Anyone else see this?

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