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[ecf-dev] ECF coding conventions -- let's use Equinox

Hi Folks,

Up to now, we haven't had a consistent set of code formatting conventions for ECF. But I believe it's time for that...especially since

a) ECF is being used by others and greater src code consistency will be helpful as more people work on the code simultaneously
b) Eclipse makes the sharing of consistent code formatting conventions so easy

It makes sense to use conventions that others are using...specifically the Equinox team since they have coding conventions and some ECF plugins are using being used for the Equinox provisioning work. These coding conventions are specified and available here:


On this page is the "Equinox formatter settings" link. Please save this link to a local file and then load it in to your workspace

Select Window->Preferences->Java->Code Style->Formatter->Import... and load local saved file