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[ecf-dev] UI for the Call API

Hi ecf team

I haven't done much posting here, but just to let you know, i am the Google Summer of Code student working on the Jingle provider for the call api. I am in close contact with Scott and am making stready progress. Along with my work on the Jingle technology i also try to enhance the call api and its ui counterpart.

Currently i have finished the Jingle provider and am now working on the call ui, trying to make it as flexible as possible. The main focus is of course on a good user experience but also on reusability by multiple call provider (eg. call protocols like, jingle, skype, SIP etc.).

I have created a first CallView which i use for testing purposes of the jingle provider. It is attached to the bug report i have created here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=200078

So i would like to gather some ideas about how user notification should be handled, as well as what gui elements should be generalized and shared by every call provider and what custom elements a call provider should be able to provide.

Moritz Post