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Re: [ecf-dev] Ganymede Roadmap

I like the ideas, I believe our priority should lay in two places:

* Improved User Experience (ie., make it easier to use out of the box)
* Improved Documentation (ie., make it easier for developers to use within their own applications)
* Note, I kind of like what the Mylyn guys do with their website in terms of how they lay things out for Users & Developers (http://www.eclipse.org/mylyn/).

Other than that, looks great! Part of me suggests that we should shoot towards a 2.0 quickly since that gives us some flexibility to change things if necessary. From the recent influx of bug reports and being included in Europa, it looks like we may have more adopters and may need to adjust API. It's something to consider, because once there's a certain amount of adopters, making that jump to 2.0 is tough.


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[ecf-dev] Ganymede Roadmap

Hi Folks,

I made some modest proposals WRT the Ganymede Roadmap:


Both in terms of releases/release dates and some initial thoughts on
Development Themes.

Please check these out and see what you think comment/criticize here.  
Lots of details to be worked out, of course, but I would like to get
everyone's input about whether this approach is going to work
(especially given everyone's other commitments).  Also feel free to make
changes or additions.

I'll try to identify a day/time that will work for people for a weekly
conference call and send out some proposals as soon as I can.


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