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Re: [ecf-dev] Eclipse Foundation & Asterisk

Hi Chris,

Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

For those who don't read planet eclipse ;p


This may be a good opportunity to get an acceptable soft client working within ECF to garner more adoption.

I agree.  Happily we've got the right technology and people:

1) Moritz Post (IRC=soulreaper) is working on Jingle: http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/VoIP_via_the_ECF_Call_API_and_the_Jingle_Protocol
2) Roland Fru has written a full commercial IAX asterisk client before, and is threatening to do so as ECF provider :)
3) Pierre Henry-Perret has experience with VOIP
4) The ECF call API is now implemented via Skype provider for call signalling...but we will need a conference control API and possibly others under org.eclipse.ecf.telephony...
5) bbokowski, zx, rcjsuen, mayworm, slewis, pnehrer are good with relevant swt/jface/eclipse 3.3 UI mechanisms.

I suggest that we coordinate work on a minimal/simple UI (built on the ECF call API) and shoot for supporting Asterisk (with one or more of IAX, Jingle, XMPP...whichever we can do easiest) in time for deployment of such a EF service.



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