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[ecf-dev] Results of vote for new ECF committer: Pierre-Henry Perret

Hi Folks,

Here are the results of the committer vote for Pierre-Henry Perret as new ECF committer

+1:  6
0: 1
-1: 0

So Pierre is approved by the existing committers.  Congrats Pierre, we're very happy to have you participating with ECF!

Pierre and I will begin the paperwork with the foundation to complete the process as specified here:


Thanks everyone for voting and continuing your ongoing participation in ECF.


Scott Lewis wrote:
ECF Committers,

I hereby nominate Pierre-Henry Perret to become an ECF committer.  Pierre was the initiator of a previous open source project (JIVM with jxta.org).  He has been a major contributor on ECF for the past few months and has nearly completed a JXTA-based ECF provider implementation.  For those interested, the code is available for your inspection here:


See below for a description of Pierre's background, areas of interest, and motivation.

ECF committers (only) please respond publicly to this mailing list by Friday July 28 with your vote:  +1=approve, 0=no vote,-1=disapprove.

Scott's vote:  +1



Pierre is a lead programmer with more than 10 years of professional experience.  He was the project creator for the open source project called JIVM (http://jivm.jxta.org/) based upon JXTA.  [Note: jxta.org currently does not make the source available for the JIVM project, but Pierre has asked them to make it available, and you can also contact Pierre directly if you wish to see it/use it).

Pierre has been a contributor on ECF for the past few months and has nearly completed a JXTA-based ECF provider implementation.  This code is available for your inspection here:


Pierre provided me with the info below about his motivation/desire to become an Eclipse/ECF committer.  Please read it over and submit any questions to Pierre (phperret@xxxxxxxxx) directly (but please forward all communications to all ECF committers).

I wish to work on ECF project,
  • first because I like to work in OS community
  •  because I'm interested in the implementation of P2P protocols in java. As a early committer in the jxta community, my first contribution idea was writing a JXTA provider for ECF (this provider is missing).
  • As JXTA is a relatively complex protocol, I will make an implementation of the lighter protocol for ad-hoc wifi networks, the Open Link State Routing protocol.
  • Another motivation, is coming into the Eclipse very exciting project based on universal concepts that can fit to any type of internet application.

The last, but not least, motivation is to become a leader in my company for the Eclipse technology, and developping tools for network RCP applications.

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