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Re: [ecf-dev] Questions from conf call

Hi Ken,

1. Are the differences between Datashare and Datashare2 documented?
Is Datashare2 ready for client consumption?

No, Datashare2 is not ready for consumption, and its differences to Datashare are not documented. As far as I know, it is not part of the ECF builds, I created it a while ago to capture what I think a general-purpose model sharing API should look like, but since then did not have the time to get it into a state that could be consumed by clients.

2. Is it expected than core model synchronization logic developed in
Summer of Code projects will make it into core ECF code if appropriate?

I think this would be great. I will talk to Mustafa on Thursday, and I will explain the ideas behind datashare2 to him. Maybe you would like to join the call? I think it is at 2pm eastern.