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[ecf-dev] ECF weekly conference calls

Hi Folks,

I had planned to (rs) start ECF weekly conference calls today (Mon, Jun 5) at noon pacific time, but I've had a work need arise at the last second. My apologies.

So...NO meeting today (Mon, Jun 5), but let's plan on a weekly conference call at noon pacific time every Monday. I will get the phone number info from the Eclipse Foundation and distribute later today.

We have a lot to discuss and coordinate.

1) I'm planning on doing weekly stable builds for the next few weeks, in preparation for the 3.2 and Callisto release. 2) There are three excellent Google Summer of Code projects (by Marcello, Mustafa, and Remy) that we are going to support (see http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/ECF_SOC_Projects). These are terrific projects, and will increase our value and visibility significantly.
3) We are moving forward rapidly with the subprojects...particularly VOIP/Asterisk/Softphone, Documentation/examples, Shared Editor, ECF Servers, and Application Sharing (see http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Eclipse_Communication_Framework_Project)
4) Pierre-Henry Perret has implemented a JXTA-provider for ECF and is doing testing (yea!)

Also, the ECF generic server is running (constantly) at the following location URL:


I try to hang out there as often as I can while doing things...and anyone can drop in and chat as they wish.

Also, I'm available at the following IM accounts

XMPP (Google Talk):  scottslewis@xxxxxxxxx
XMPP (Eclipse):  slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yahoo:  scottblewis
AIM:  scottslewis

Thanks...and please stay tuned and in touch.