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Re: [ecf-dev] GMF and ECF

Sorry for the delayed response on this one, had a rough deadline recently, started an MSc and moving to a new position yet again :)

*catches his breathe*

I have had a bug open with GMF for awhile regading ECF integration: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=119660

I'm willing to discuss this a bit more on the list if you want to... I believe a basic example of this working would be really easy to implement (we can reuse a lot of the code we have in the EMF shared editing example since GMF-generated editors are EMF{T} based.)

We can probably net some positive publicity with a simple GMF/ECF example.

Regarding the shared-editing APIs, I know Gary Pollice (and some of his students) has some interest in this and I'd be curious if we could setup a meeting with all interested parties to get the shared-editing subproject going?


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Re: [ecf-dev] GMF and ECF

Hi Ken,

At one point this was brought up for discussion at an ECF conference call by myself and Chris Aniscyzk. I think Chris was (is?) a GMF contributor (or perhaps a committer...I can't remember what he said). We discussed something very close to what you are proposing: building in ECF model sharing APIs into GMF/JET-created editors.

For some time, I've thought that this was a *great* idea (both the notion of generating editors...GMF itself...and the notion of using ECF-based model replication and messaging for change distribution and synchronization in shared editors).

Maybe it could be proposed directly to the GMF team...or as a Google Summer of Code project (or both) mentored by ECF folks and/or GMF folks. Chris A do you want to jump in here about your relationship with GMF, and any thoughts/contacts into that team you might have?

FWIW, I think this would be an excellent way to have the ECF 'shared editor' sub-project area proceed. Naturally, the existing shared editor work would have to be extended to allow the (e.g.) selection of various synchronization, floor control, and conflict resolution strategies for shared editing of a replicated model. But I think this is where ECF shared editor support wants to go...to provide something that others can use to easily create collaborative editors for arbitrary models (graphical, text, otherwise) with different approaches to synch, floor control, conflict resolution, to handle different multi-user use cases.



Ken Gilmer wrote:


      I was able to learn a little bit about GMF at this year's EclipseCON. There is a step in building a GMF editor that involves the model of the editor (combining sub models), and turning that (using JET) into an actual editor plugin. With all the work that's been done in ECF for shared models (SDO, GraphShare, etc), it seems like it could be a quick win to enable ECF model sharing into GMF generated editors. Has anyone brought this up? Has there been any interest from the GMF team?


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